Pan-Asian Provisions LLC

Pan-Asian Provisions

Our firm is dedicated to helping our Partners find their food fruition. 


Our Experience

Since 2003 I have filled 3 passports, visited over 200 food factories, and eaten thousands of  different foods from all parts of the world. I truly enjoy the process  of connecting people to the food they love, and hope to help you become  one of our Partners in the near future.

Our Approach

The Asian food market can be daunting. Finding what you need is not always about what you know or who you know. We know how to put the pieces together to function as a cohesive plan that generates the most positive outcome possible. We teach, guide, connect, and manage this process with our Partners to ensure success.

Our Services

We offer a variety of services including: Asian food consultation, factory  qualification, kitchen consolidation, product development, menu development, product replacement, specialty sourcing, QA/QC (FSPCA Certified), and vendor-buyer networking. 

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